Wrong Earrings? Really?


Did you ever wear two different earrings . . . not on purpose? I did.

Not too bad in the grand scheme of things, considering the morning craziness. I was running late, of course.  It was one of those mad scrambles out the door . . . kind of like I imagine soldiers under attack who are running to their foxholes near the frontline of battle.

I’m tearing through the house waving the kids on like a sergeant.  Go, go, GO . . . save yourself, get to the van!

An errant lunch bag falls out of a backpack.  Don’t stop for that!  Are you crazy?  Just go.  No time!  NO TIME!

Sound familiar?  Come on, you can admit it to me.  No judging here.

It wasn’t until that evening when I took my earrings out that I even noticed. Wait a minute!  No one else noticed either.

Now I wear pretty big ear hardware.  I’m stuck in the 80s, I admit.

I gave my husband a hug and kiss goodbye, chatted with several moms at the school, and spent all afternoon and evening with my family.  No one noticed.

At first I was glad.  Then offended. Are you kidding me? Am I that insignificant that such a fashion flub never raised an eyebrow? Am I invisible? Good grief!

Maybe there are days when you feel the same. You get up, get everyone out the door, do your thing, get your crew back home, feed all, work on homework, tuck ‘em in, fall into bed and start over. Perhaps you feel that no one notices what you do.

I have good news. God does! “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go . . .” (Genesis 28:15).

If you are feeling invisible, I understand. But please know that God notices your sacrifices, your pain, your exhaustion. And he loves you, mismatched earrings and all.

P.S.     If you have young children, just wait. When they become teens, you’ll WISH they don’t notice so much. “Mom, are you really wearing those earrings today?!” Good grief!