Well, bless your house!


As a child, one of my favorite houses to visit was right next door . . . my grandparents’. When my sisters and I saw grandpa sitting on the porch, it was our cue to run down the hill to share a sleeve of saltine crackers and a can of Vienna sausages. (Don’t judge . . . anything is a treat when you share it with grandpa.) The house was a fascinating dichotomy—a garage crammed with tools and truck parts that smelled of oil and gasoline next to immaculate flower beds teeming with pristine, sweet-smelling roses . . . grandpa in his coveralls smudged head to toe in oil and grandma with her neatly coiffed hair and manicured nails. When I think of that home, memories flood in of summer evenings on the porch with my family, Christmas Eve parties, and Easter egg hunts. One constant ingredient in every visit to that cozy house, however, was laughter. I loved to hear my parents chuckling at grandpa’s latest joke, my great aunts and uncles howling with laughter as they shared stories from childhood, and grandma giggling at all of our silly antics. That house was blessed! Recently, I attended a house blessing for a new home. It was so cool! And it reminded me of what makes a house blessed—faith, family and laughter. My grandparents’ house wasn’t very big or extravagant, but it was full of those essentials. I’m hoping yours is, too! Here’s my prayer and blessing for your home: I pray your home is built on a foundation of love and faith that stands firm in life’s storms. (Matthew 7:24-26) I pray your family is sheltered, provided for and safe always. (Philippians 4:19) I pray your door opens to those you love often. (Hebrews 10:24-25) I pray your rooms are filled with the sounds of pattering feet. (Psalm 127:3-5) I pray your walls echo with much laughter. (Psalm 126:2)