The Christmas miracle


  “Christmas is pish-posh!” Thus says the grumpy leading character in “The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.” Gathering round Susan Wojciechowski’s touching Christmas classic is one of my favorite family traditions. The heart-touching tale reveals a Christmas miracle! You see, Jonathan Toomey carries a heartbreak that colors everything in his life. After the death of his wife and child, he no longer sees joy or hope. The village children call him “Mr. Gloomy.” Always complaining, he never smiles or laughs but hides in his corner of the world sorrowfully working his woodcarvings. However, one Christmas season a knock on his door changes everything. A local widow and her son Thomas ask him to carve a replacement for their lost wooden nativity scene. Young Thomas becomes a regular visitor as he watches the woodcarver shape and form each figure . . . BUT he offers very definite opinions on how the carvings should look. His suggestions are most often met with a growling “Pish-posh!” Undeterred by Jonathan Toomey’s gruff demeanor and grumblings, Thomas shares his view of the holy scene—with happy sheep, a proud cow, important angel, well-dressed wise men, protective Joseph, smiling Jesus, and loving Mary. As the story unfolds, Jonathan Toomey begins to see Christmas through Thomas’ eyes. The simplistic wonder he sees through Thomas’ innocence and faith eventually helps warm and heal his own heart! On Christmas day, “the village children saw Jonathan throw back his head . . . and laugh. No one ever called him Mr. Gloomy again.” This story always reminds me that God placed magic in a child’s eyes. And it is never more evident than at Christmas. I know you agree that when you see a child squeal at Christmas lights, belt out Christmas carols (in tune or not) or stare wide-eyed at a manger scene, your heart literally feels warmer. I’ve never seen an adult look at a baby and not smile. Children touch us deeply. What a gift for adults who are burdened by life’s challenges and worries to return for a moment to wonder and hope! Perhaps that is why God’s story of grace begins with a child—a treasure born of love. That precious baby boy was God’s greatest gift to you and me in a form he knew we could understand and relate to . . . WOW. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only … Read More