Somebody’s gonna get hurt!


As a mom, what’s one of your most-used phrases? One of mine for sure is, “Somebody’s gonna get hurt!”

When the kids were little and practiced “flying” off the toddler bed, “Somebody’s gonna get hurt!”

When all three rolled on the ground in one big ball, wrestling and tickling each other, “Somebody’s gonna get hurt!”

Now days, when one of them leaves the house late and speeds while driving, “Somebody’s gonna get hurt!”

When they dabble in unhealthy relationships, “Somebody’s gonna get hurt!”

Maybe you also spend a lot of time calling out warnings when your babies get too close to the fire. As moms, we really can’t help it. It’s what we do because we love our children so much and want to protect them from danger. When we see a bad situation, we have to call it. More often than we like, we are absolutely right.

My friend Amy has three boys and I can only imagine how many times she has sent up the red flag. She’s been right quite a few times that I know of . . . broken legs, motorbike accidents, raccoon bites. (Yes, I said raccoon bites. I’ll let you know if she ever writes a book or starts a blog. It would be unbelievably entertaining!)

God and Amy have something in common. In Scripture, God also spends a lot of time advising us against potentially harmful actions. But this blog isn’t about “I told you so” or “You get what you deserve.” Nope . . . it’s about WHO gets hurt.

The person acting recklessly, right? Not exclusively.

Let me explain by telling you that it happened again the other day. The kids were being silly . . . again. I said my famous last words, “OK, calm down. Somebody’s gonna get hurt!” Boy, was I right.

Somebody DID get hurt and it was ME!

My son played the I’m-going-to-throw-something-at-you-really-fast-without-much-warning-and-see-if-you–can-catch-it game with little sister. By now, she’s pretty good at the game and deflected it long before it reached her. I am not so good at the game.

I was sitting next to her and the object deflected right into my eye. Ouch!!

Now, it wasn’t life-threatening or too damaging, but it did hurt. I could see that one coming (hee, hee) . . . well, sort of. The point is, sometimes the one dishing out the warning gets hurt, too.

Take my friend Amy, for example. Her boys might end up in the emergency room occasionally, but she is right there with them. She’s lost many nights of sleep and thousands of dollars. But no matter how many times her kiddos get hurt, Amy never abandons them. She keeps caring and nursing them back to health. She loves them so much that she feels their pain and suffers consequences with them . . . even when she warned them about the danger.

That’s another thing God and Amy have in common. When you and I ignore His warnings and mess up, He is right there with us.

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:8 NIV).

Now, Amy’s boys are truly great kids. They are just full of life. Too often the lure of adventure calls louder than Mom’s warnings. Every one of us can relate. I know I can.

Sometimes I head off in my own direction with no time or desire to hear that still small voice in my head or in Scripture. So, it’s likely that “Somebody’s gonna get hurt!”

When “somebody” does, I know God is by my side with something better than “I told you so.” Even though He may have seen it coming, it’s not easy for God to watch His children hurting. Because I know He loves me as only a parent can, I know that He extends His arms of grace and forgiveness. I know that He hurts for me. I know that He will be there to help me find my way back to healing.