Silly Poem Day


Here’s a silly poem from me to read to your kiddos. Enjoy!

God loves me

God loves me, yes He does.
I know it’s really true.
I never doubt it for a minute.
Know what?  He loves you, too!

There’s nothing else that I know more.
It’s a fact that’s simple, no doubt.

I know it from my head to toes,
Tip to tip and inside out.

I know it like I know my hand,
With fingers and two thumbs

I know it when I stretch my legs
And run, and run, and run!

I know it when I comb my hair
And brush my teeth each night.

I know it when I kiss my dad
And mom turns out the light.

So when you close your eyes
And snuggle in your bed

Know that someone loves you
No matter what you’ve done or said.