Silly Poem Day: Once I met a fine lady


Silly poems are so fun to write on a whim and tuck away to remind yourself later to smile. Here’s one I wrote that you might want to read to your kiddos and then see what they can create. Have a great day “click-clacking” off to whatever you do . . .


Once I met a fine lady

with a most unusual hat.

She held a rather large purse

and walked on shoes that went click-clack.


How do you do? she inquired

as she passed by without stopping.

Waving a hankie, she sped away

before I could begin talking.


Then, I saw a well-dressed man

who had no time to chat.

He was moving very fast

so that his feet went tap, tap, tap.


Everyone is so busy.

How I wonder where they all go.

Maybe when I’m much older

I’ll go, too. Then I’ll surely know.