Leo the Leaf: A fall story about change for your kids


Fall always reminds me of the beauty of change.

Changing leaves, changing seasons and changing temperatures breathe new life into a world scorched by the harshness of late summer. Of course that’s a little too deep when you are trying to convince a young child that change is a good thing.

“How about something different than mac-n-cheese for supper?” “No!”

“We’re moving and you get to change schools this year, isn’t that great?” “No!”

“Mom got a new job. You’ll be staying in the after-school program.” “No!”

It’s tough for children to deal with change. Adults don’t like it that much, either. So, if you have some big changes in your life that your little one is struggling to get through, here’s a story about a leaf named Leo who can relate. He had no idea that dreaded change would bring him the greatest adventure of his life! Maybe Leo can help you talk about the benefits of life’s changes with your favorite kid.



Leo turns a new leaf

Leo the Leaf does not like change. He sits atop the highest branch in the maple tree, surrounded by leaves who . . .

. . . are bright green.

. . . flutter gently in the wind.

. . . and hold fast to the tree.

Nothing much changes and Leo is happy.


From his tip-top perch, Leo sees the same view each day . . .

. . . the sun rises and sets.

. . . birds fly by.

. . . and The Family’s children play in the yard below.

Nothing much changes and Leo is happy.


Until one day Leo notices some things are different. He . . .

. . . turns from green to yellow to orange to RED!

. . . flutters even more as the wind blows harder.

. . . and finds it difficult to hold onto the limb.

Things are changing and Leo is NOT happy.


Leo’s view begins to look a little different . . .

. . . the sun sets much earlier in the day.

. . . more and more birds start flying in one direction.

. . . and The Family’s children begin wearing coats and hats.

Things are changing and Leo is NOT happy.


Soon the wind blows Leo out of his tree . . . oh no! With a whoosh, he loses his grip and begins twirling and floating in the wind.

Leo yells for help, “Yeeoow-heehee!” What? In mid-scream, Leo giggles. The wind is tickling him! Being whipped around through the air is actually an AWESOME ride!


Leo lands in a pile on the ground with leaves of all shapes and colors. He isn’t there long when he hears squeals and laughter heading his way.

The Family’s kids are running straight for him! They jump into the pile, scoop up Leo and the others and throw them high in the air. Yippee!!!!


A boy reaches down and carefully holds Leo close to his face. “Hi there, leaf,” he says. “You are more bright and red than all the other leaves. I like how you changed colors. I’m going to take you home with me.” And he does.

He takes Leo into The Family’s house and creates a beautiful, colorful work of art starring Leo. Then he promptly displays Leo on the refrigerator for all to see. Leo almost bursts with pride!


Leo the Leaf sits atop the refrigerator, surrounded by . . .

. . . a giant heart on his bright yellow construction paper.

. . . other well-loved drawings and magnets.

. . . and photos of smiling kids.

Everything changed and Leo is more than happy.


From his tip-top perch, Leo sees a different view each day . . .

. . . homework projects under way and family meals in the process.

. . . neighbors, grandparents and friends sharing laughs and love.

. . . and The Family’s children up close and personal.

Everything changed and Leo couldn’t be happier.


“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV).

“Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth . . .” Isaiah 43:19 NKJV).