Hello, I am…


Hello there! Please allow me to introduce myself . . .

I am a _____ who _______.


Should I fill in the blanks with my personal life or professional title? Of course, I’m not perfectly accomplished in those things . . . still a work in progress. OK then, maybe I should write in who I want to be? But sometimes that changes daily. Oh, how about how other people see me? Not sure on that one, though.

Good grief! This may take longer than I thought. What about you? If you had to describe yourself in one sentence—who you are and what you do—how would it go? Not enough paper? I hear ya.

Well then, let’s NOT narrow it down. All your “titles” make up the one, uniquely perfect you! So . . . I’ll just share a few things about me and maybe we have a lot in common.

I’m a wife and mom. My sweet husband Geoff and I have three teen-age children—three TEENS! Eeeeek! I have to read it to believe it. Katie, Ethan and Gracie keep things a hoppin’ in the Roark household, but that’s the subject for a whole different blog. Wife and mom . . . I usually say those two together because they are so intertwined. Do you? I forget that I need to occasionally separate the two and focus my attentions (especially on that wife thing!). Also, another whole topic. Moving on . . .

I’m a storyteller. I’ve written professionally for more than 25 years, sharing stories for ministries, non-profits, newspapers and more. Stories are the best! I absolutely love hearing about the courage, connections and compassion of the human spirit. Maybe someday you’ll tell me your story?

I’m a fan of children. God did his best work when he devised the family plan that included kiddos. Babies, toddlers, and children of all ages . . . love, love, love! They give us purpose, make us laugh, help us grow, and share the gift of love without reservation. I’ve volunteered in children’s ministry most of my life, from teaching Sunday School to leading Children’s Church to clowning and sharing puppets. The kiddos often call me Miss Shelly . . . you can, too, if you like.

Last but not least (as they say), I’m a child of God. If you aren’t, I highly recommend it. Being a Christian is not just who I am or what I do, it is why I exist . . . and why you were born, too. You were born because God loves you, thinks the world is better because you are in it, and wants to get to know you—no matter who you are or what you do.

It’s that simple