The Bubble Who Would Not Pop!

September 2017

Did you know that bubbles LOVE to pop? When they do, they get a tiny tickle and let out a happy giggle.  Next time you see bubbles flying in the air, listen close. You might hear them calling out to each other — Splurt!  Splat!  Plop!  Hey little bubble, it’s time to Pop!

But this story is about a bubble who DID NOT want to pop. He had a very special reason. Find out why in this colorful adventure about prayer, trust and peace.

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Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo

Coming September 2019

In Gracie Lou Wants a Zoo, headstrong Gracie Lou gets exactly what she wants. Or, at least what she thinks she wants.

A houseful of rowdy zoo animals give her a lesson in the value of patience and God’s timing. God has a great plan for Gracie Lou...if she can just wait for it! Through it all, her faithful turtle George understands completely!

Complete with beautiful illustrations by award-winning illustrator Simone Kruger, this zany adventure will delight young children wherever books are sold online.