Silly Poem Day: Once I met a fine lady


Silly poems are so fun to write on a whim and tuck away to remind yourself later to smile. Here’s one I wrote that you might want to read to your kiddos and then see what they can create. Have a great day “click-clacking” off to whatever you do . . .   Once I met a fine lady with a most unusual hat. She held a rather large purse and walked on shoes that went click-clack.   How do you do? she inquired as she passed by without stopping. Waving a hankie, she sped away before I could begin talking.   Then, I saw a well-dressed man who had no time to chat. He was moving very fast so that his feet went tap, tap, tap.   Everyone is so busy. How I wonder where they all go. Maybe when I’m much older I’ll go, too. Then I’ll surely know.  

Look what I made for you . . .


My daughter Katie was driving home the other evening and saw something that made her happy. She was so inspired that she sped into the driveway and ran into the house at full speed. “Where’s your sister?” I asked wondering what was wrong. “She’s in the car. I need to grab the camera before it’s gone,” she called out as she whizzed by me camera in hand. “Beautiful sunset. We’re gonna take some pics.” And with that, she was gone again. Wow. Some sunset, I thought. And it was. They came back with several shots of stunning colors as the sun made its exit for the evening. You’ve probably experienced a sunset, sunrise or spectacular view of nature that made you stop and smile. Maybe you even said, “Now, that’s a work of art.” I’m not much of an artist myself, but I know a few. Creating art is not just a skill for them . . . it is a love language to be shared. In fact, from the time children are small, they share their art. Like me, you probably have a box, drawer or wall full of drawings and colorings from the children you love. Don’t you love their sweet faces, beaming with love and pride, as they proclaim, “Look what I made for you!” and present you with their best creation? Art is a love language for God, too. His palette is just a little bigger. I’m fascinated and amazed by the glint of sunbeams dancing through pine trees, the delicate layers of soft red rose petals, or a sunset that fills the sky with fiery hues. Every time I see something special like that, I can almost hear God saying, “Look what I made for you.” It makes me happy. How about you? “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1 NIV)              

60 Days of Summer Fun


Yesterday was the last day of the school year for my kiddos and they celebrated in very different ways. One came home, fell in the bed and took a nap that lasted . . . well, it is still going as I type this. (She’s OK and breathing. I’ve checked several times.) The other two came home dancing, went for ice cream and jumped in the lake (which was very, very cold). I suppose everyone has their own idea of relaxation and fun. When my babies were younger, I thought we needed a packed summer of activities to make the most of the time. It was busy and exciting, but just hanging out and letting them crawl all over me was fun, too. There are lists galore with summer ideas to be googled. Here are 60 of my favorites that don’t take you far from home. Whatever you do this summer, make sure you get plenty of hugs, kisses and snuggle time! (And a nap or two doesn’t hurt.) Declare a coloring day – dig out all your coloring books and colors Explore history Go fishing – for real or pretend Learn about other places/cultures Have a scavenger hunt – in the house, in the yard or beyond Plan a circus at home – dress up like clowns, enlist the family dog to do “tricks”, tumble, etc. Make a homemade piñata – Google it, some are pretty easy to make Write a silly story or poem and read it at supper Craft day – find simple crafts online like making tissue paper flowers, pinecone bird feeders, etc. Have a Nerf gun battle Play hide-and-seek Go camping at a state park or in the back yard Play hopscotch Learn about stars during the day and count them at night Make a fort with pillows Look up how to make some simple musical instruments (like paper rolls and rice) Laughing day — see how many jokes you can write or look up and share them at lunch or dinner Hunt for bugs Get dirty (play in the sand or dirt) Run through sprinklers Go to the zoo Paint something Play kickball Go to a flea market (make a craft with what you find) Take cards to a retirement home Balloon day, including a water balloon fight Have a picnic Dress up like . . . Go to a museum Sculpt with clay … Read More

7 places a busy mom can pray for her kids


As a mom, I mess up . . . a lot. Dirty laundry. Drive-thru suppers. Pit-eeeeee-ful birthday planning. The list goes on. (Can I get an Amen?) But one thing I know I can ALWAYS do right is pray for my kiddos. I’ve looked it up and prayer is a good idea. Period. Any prayer. Any time. Any place. Talking to God about your kids doesn’t have to be long or formal. It just needs to be consistent. That’s hard when you’re doing the mom thing from the time you wake up in the morn until you crash at night. In fact, when I actually try to spend time on my knees in a quiet place, I wake up groggy, facedown, forehead on arms with drool on my “prayer bench” . . . sad, but true! So, here are a few unconventional times and places I talk to God about my children throughout the day that might help you, too. –In bed before the snooze goes off. You know you do it! We ALL hit the snooze when that annoying morning alarm goes off. Why not whisper a quick prayer for your kids as your first act of the day while snuggling under the covers for that last 10 minutes? “God thank you for this day and for my children. Please bless them, protect them and guide me as their mom today.” It’s as simple as that . . . and you can even keep your eyes closed! –During morning coffee. If you steal a few minutes for a steaming cup of coffee in your favorite chair or on the patio before waking the house up, why not share it with God? Have a chat about your loved ones. That’s what friends do! –In the car. I’ve spent a lot of time in the car—school pick-up lines, sports practice shuttles, forgotten lunch drop-offs. I’m sure you do, too. Don’t just sing along with the radio. It’s a great time to pray. –On a walk. I’m not a fan of exercise. But when I do go for a walk, talking to God about my family makes the time more pleasant. Try it! –While doing housework. There is just something about praying for your child as you fold their undies that gets real. No lie! Laundry, dishes, vacuuming . . . talk to God while you work. He’ll listen. –In the shower. … Read More

Bubbletastic Book Contest!


Little Lamb Books is hosting a BUBBLETASTIC BOOK CONTEST from May to August to celebrate the upcoming release of my debut picture book, The Bubble Who Would Not POP! in stores September 12, 2017. The BUBBLETASTIC BOOK CONTEST starts this week so be sure to like my page for updates and check out all the contest guidelines at today!

Silly Poem Day


Here’s a silly poem from me to read to your kiddos. Enjoy! God loves me God loves me, yes He does. I know it’s really true. I never doubt it for a minute. Know what?  He loves you, too! There’s nothing else that I know more. It’s a fact that’s simple, no doubt. I know it from my head to toes, Tip to tip and inside out. I know it like I know my hand, With fingers and two thumbs I know it when I stretch my legs And run, and run, and run! I know it when I comb my hair And brush my teeth each night. I know it when I kiss my dad And mom turns out the light. So when you close your eyes And snuggle in your bed Know that someone loves you No matter what you’ve done or said.

Wrong Earrings? Really?


Did you ever wear two different earrings . . . not on purpose? I did. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things, considering the morning craziness. I was running late, of course.  It was one of those mad scrambles out the door . . . kind of like I imagine soldiers under attack who are running to their foxholes near the frontline of battle. I’m tearing through the house waving the kids on like a sergeant.  Go, go, GO . . . save yourself, get to the van! An errant lunch bag falls out of a backpack.  Don’t stop for that!  Are you crazy?  Just go.  No time!  NO TIME! Sound familiar?  Come on, you can admit it to me.  No judging here. It wasn’t until that evening when I took my earrings out that I even noticed. Wait a minute!  No one else noticed either. Now I wear pretty big ear hardware.  I’m stuck in the 80s, I admit. I gave my husband a hug and kiss goodbye, chatted with several moms at the school, and spent all afternoon and evening with my family.  No one noticed. At first I was glad.  Then offended. Are you kidding me? Am I that insignificant that such a fashion flub never raised an eyebrow? Am I invisible? Good grief! Maybe there are days when you feel the same. You get up, get everyone out the door, do your thing, get your crew back home, feed all, work on homework, tuck ‘em in, fall into bed and start over. Perhaps you feel that no one notices what you do. I have good news. God does! “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go . . .” (Genesis 28:15). If you are feeling invisible, I understand. But please know that God notices your sacrifices, your pain, your exhaustion. And he loves you, mismatched earrings and all. P.S.     If you have young children, just wait. When they become teens, you’ll WISH they don’t notice so much. “Mom, are you really wearing those earrings today?!” Good grief!

Hello, I am…


Hello there! Please allow me to introduce myself . . . I am a _____ who _______. Hmmmm. Should I fill in the blanks with my personal life or professional title? Of course, I’m not perfectly accomplished in those things . . . still a work in progress. OK then, maybe I should write in who I want to be? But sometimes that changes daily. Oh, how about how other people see me? Not sure on that one, though. Good grief! This may take longer than I thought. What about you? If you had to describe yourself in one sentence—who you are and what you do—how would it go? Not enough paper? I hear ya. Well then, let’s NOT narrow it down. All your “titles” make up the one, uniquely perfect you! So . . . I’ll just share a few things about me and maybe we have a lot in common. I’m a wife and mom. My sweet husband Geoff and I have three teen-age children—three TEENS! Eeeeek! I have to read it to believe it. Katie, Ethan and Gracie keep things a hoppin’ in the Roark household, but that’s the subject for a whole different blog. Wife and mom . . . I usually say those two together because they are so intertwined. Do you? I forget that I need to occasionally separate the two and focus my attentions (especially on that wife thing!). Also, another whole topic. Moving on . . . I’m a storyteller. I’ve written professionally for more than 25 years, sharing stories for ministries, non-profits, newspapers and more. Stories are the best! I absolutely love hearing about the courage, connections and compassion of the human spirit. Maybe someday you’ll tell me your story? I’m a fan of children. God did his best work when he devised the family plan that included kiddos. Babies, toddlers, and children of all ages . . . love, love, love! They give us purpose, make us laugh, help us grow, and share the gift of love without reservation. I’ve volunteered in children’s ministry most of my life, from teaching Sunday School to leading Children’s Church to clowning and sharing puppets. The kiddos often call me Miss Shelly . . . you can, too, if you like. Last but not least (as they say), I’m a child of God. If you aren’t, I highly recommend it. Being a Christian is … Read More