7 places a busy mom can pray for her kids


As a mom, I mess up . . . a lot.

Dirty laundry. Drive-thru suppers. Pit-eeeeee-ful birthday planning. The list goes on. (Can I get an Amen?)

But one thing I know I can ALWAYS do right is pray for my kiddos. I’ve looked it up and prayer is a good idea. Period. Any prayer. Any time. Any place.

Talking to God about your kids doesn’t have to be long or formal. It just needs to be consistent. That’s hard when you’re doing the mom thing from the time you wake up in the morn until you crash at night. In fact, when I actually try to spend time on my knees in a quiet place, I wake up groggy, facedown, forehead on arms with drool on my “prayer bench” . . . sad, but true!

So, here are a few unconventional times and places I talk to God about my children throughout the day that might help you, too.

–In bed before the snooze goes off. You know you do it! We ALL hit the snooze when that annoying morning alarm goes off. Why not whisper a quick prayer for your kids as your first act of the day while snuggling under the covers for that last 10 minutes? “God thank you for this day and for my children. Please bless them, protect them and guide me as their mom today.” It’s as simple as that . . . and you can even keep your eyes closed!

–During morning coffee. If you steal a few minutes for a steaming cup of coffee in your favorite chair or on the patio before waking the house up, why not share it with God? Have a chat about your loved ones. That’s what friends do!

–In the car. I’ve spent a lot of time in the car—school pick-up lines, sports practice shuttles, forgotten lunch drop-offs. I’m sure you do, too. Don’t just sing along with the radio. It’s a great time to pray.

–On a walk. I’m not a fan of exercise. But when I do go for a walk, talking to God about my family makes the time more pleasant. Try it!

–While doing housework. There is just something about praying for your child as you fold their undies that gets real. No lie! Laundry, dishes, vacuuming . . . talk to God while you work. He’ll listen.

–In the shower. This might be too personal, but when my kids were real little, the only time I was alone . . . was in the shower. And only if I finished in record time. What about you? Seems like a quick prayer or two when you can actually focus makes sense. You be the judge of that one.

–Bedside kisses. I’ve never met a mom who didn’t love bedtime kisses and hugs. It’s one of the perks of parenthood and the perfect time for a quick prayer! As you lean in for your hug and kiss, whisper a quick “God bless and keep Mary tonight.” Children love to know you are praying for them!