60 Days of Summer Fun


Yesterday was the last day of the school year for my kiddos and they celebrated in very different ways. One came home, fell in the bed and took a nap that lasted . . . well, it is still going as I type this. (She’s OK and breathing. I’ve checked several times.) The other two came home dancing, went for ice cream and jumped in the lake (which was very, very cold). I suppose everyone has their own idea of relaxation and fun.

When my babies were younger, I thought we needed a packed summer of activities to make the most of the time. It was busy and exciting, but just hanging out and letting them crawl all over me was fun, too. There are lists galore with summer ideas to be googled. Here are 60 of my favorites that don’t take you far from home. Whatever you do this summer, make sure you get plenty of hugs, kisses and snuggle time! (And a nap or two doesn’t hurt.)

Declare a coloring day – dig out all your coloring books and colors

Explore history

Go fishing – for real or pretend

Learn about other places/cultures

Have a scavenger hunt – in the house, in the yard or beyond

Plan a circus at home – dress up like clowns, enlist the family dog to do “tricks”, tumble, etc.

Make a homemade piñata – Google it, some are pretty easy to make

Write a silly story or poem and read it at supper

Craft day – find simple crafts online like making tissue paper flowers, pinecone bird feeders, etc.

Have a Nerf gun battle

Play hide-and-seek

Go camping at a state park or in the back yard

Play hopscotch

Learn about stars during the day and count them at night

Make a fort with pillows

Look up how to make some simple musical instruments (like paper rolls and rice)

Laughing day — see how many jokes you can write or look up and share them at lunch or dinner

Hunt for bugs

Get dirty (play in the sand or dirt)

Run through sprinklers

Go to the zoo

Paint something

Play kickball

Go to a flea market (make a craft with what you find)

Take cards to a retirement home

Balloon day, including a water balloon fight

Have a picnic

Dress up like . . .

Go to a museum

Sculpt with clay

Explore the park

Plant flowers

Go on a walk

Write a letter – to grandparents/military/congressman/etc.

Cook together

Visit the library

Watch a movie

Board game day

Plan a concert

International days: look up recipes, Google the region, talk with accents, dress up

Spanish day

French day

African day

Jamaican day

English day

Write a skit or two and perform them

Make a tent

Have a fashion show

Enjoy a tea party

Play baseball or whiffle ball

Read together

Dancing day – turn up the music and dance!

Take pictures


Blow bubbles

Bird watching

Go crazy counting – count everything!

Puppet day

Fairytale day

Make your own puzzle

Learn about your family