31 Days of Back-To-School Prayers for August


It’s almost August . . . oh my! I’m completely unprepared for fall. How about you? I haven’t purchased one school supply or one article of clothing for the year. But, it’s all good. Because, I am ready with a plan of action for the MOST IMPORTANT thing I can do to prepare my kiddos for the new school year. PRAY!

Prayer is our most powerful spiritual weapon. “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). Want to know what makes prayer even more powerful? Praying together! Jesus said so, “if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19).

With all my heart, I believe that as we stand together for our babies through common prayer, heaven takes notice. And as we pray together for specific promises and blessings on our children, miracles will happen! Here are 31 days’ worth of topics for August to pray for your child as school begins. Let’s do this . . . together!

DAY 1: Invite God into your child’s school and your home this school year.

DAY 2: Pray that God blesses your child this school year and prepares him or her for their future.

DAY 3: Pray that your child grows closer to Jesus this year.

DAY 4: Pray for safety at school for your child and others.

DAY 5: Pray for good health for your child.

DAY 6: Pray your child exercises God’s wisdom and discernment in dealing with friends, adults and assignments.

DAY 7: Pray for God’s help as you parent this year.

DAY 8: Pray for your child’s teachers.

DAY 9: Pray for your child’s coaches.

DAY 10: Pray that God surrounds your child with friends who will be a good influence and love them for who they are.

DAY 11: Pray for the administrators at your school.

DAY 12: Pray for the administrators of your school district.

DAY 13: Pray for wisdom for school board members.

DAY 14: Pray for the support staff at your school—cafeteria workers, librarians, aides and custodial staff.

DAY 15: Pray that God will help your child focus on what matters this school year.

DAY 16: Pray that God will give your child strength and endurance to handle the educational rigor and extra-curricular activities throughout the school year.

DAY 17: Pray for your child’s attitude—that he or she grows in patience, kindness, gratefulness, self-control, perseverance and compassion.

DAY 18: Pray that God will bring peace and strength to your family no matter what the school year holds.

DAY 19: Pray that God will give your child joy as they learn and grow.

DAY 20: Pray your child finds the courage to live boldly in faith on campus.

DAY 21: Pray that cultural influences will not lead your child down wrong paths.

DAY 22: Pray for your child’s current or future boyfriend or girlfriend. (It’ll happen sooner than you think!)

DAY 23: Pray that God sends faith-filled mentors into your child’s life.

DAY 24: Pray that your child learns the value of hard work as the school year unfolds.

DAY 25: Pray that God uses the education your child receives to prepare him or her for their God-given purpose.

DAY 26: Pray that your child will begin to realize and explore the special giftings and talents God has given them.

DAY 27: Pray God’s blessings for teachers, administrators and others in your school who are unashamed to walk out their faith.

DAY 28: Pray for all the children at your school, that they have the opportunity to know God.

DAY 29: Ask for God’s provision for your family throughout the school year.

DAY 30: Ask for God’s provision for your school and school district.

DAY 31: Pray for peace and harmony among the members of your “school family.”